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Persimmon Ridge Preserve

Number of Parcels: 1
Total Cost: $16,000
Date Acquired: November 14, 1961
STRAP # 15-43-27-00-00002.0000

Persimmon Ridge Preserve Land Stewardship Plan 2013

Scenic photographs of the preserve.

Wildlife List  -  Plant List

Persimmon Ridge Preserve 2012 Aerial Map

For more information contact Land Stewardship Coordinator: Annisa Karim

**Active Cattle Lease / No Public Access Amenities**

Persimmon Ridge Preserve is a 40-acre parcel in Alva, Florida directly northwest of Conservation 20/20’s Daniels Preserve at Spanish Creek.

The overarching stewardship goals for this Preserve are natural resource protection and restoration. Safeguarding and enhancing the environmental integrity and biological diversity of the site will be the guiding principle for the stewardship and operation of this Preserve.

Historically, short-term mining activities occurred on the property resulting in a highly disturbed parcel containing borrow ponds (excavated pits) and fill (spoil) being discarded in various areas throughout the property (see aerial map). The four plant communities found within the Preserve today include xeric hammock, improved pasture, wet prairie and artificial pond.

Due to financial limitations and the proximity of Persimmon Ridge Preserve to other preserves (Daniels Preserve at Spanish Creek, Telegraph Creek Preserve) and parks (Caloosahatchee Regional Park, Hickey’s Creek Mitigation Park) managed by the Lee County Department of Parks and Recreation, public access is not being proposed for the Preserve at this time. These other parks and preserves provide opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing and equestrian use; these preserves and parks have Board-approved stewardship (management) plans in place and the infrastructure to support these offerings.

18881 Persimmon Ridge Road